Hand thrown ceramic soap dishes by Terry Rustin. Each soap dish is one of a kind. One available. 5.25 inches in diameter,9.35 oz

Multi $24

Choose between a clear sparkling or opaque lemon yellow. Long lasting and scented with lemongrass essential oil, this is a beautiful soap to display. Each bar is full bath size.  4.75 oz

Beautiful clear soap with the look of sand polished glass. Australian tea tree oil with citrus overtones. Sea glass soap is mildly antibacterial. Each bar is a full or over 5 oz.  

Sea Glass $7


Shea butter makes this an exceptionally moisturizing bar. A full bath size, this bar weighs almost 8 oz.

Gold and white mica give it a beautiful luster.    

Almond, Cinnamon, and clove essential oil doughnut soaps. These are a favorite item!  Every silky bar weighs over 4oz.  These soaps make a great bath time treat!

Lovely French macaroons in four colors. Scented with almond, citrus, or lavender essential oils.  Each bar weighs 2.5oz. Try stacking them on a plate or giving them as shower favors. 

Soothing Oatmeal $5

Prices are per bar

Kinda Blue $6

Cupcake $4

Sandstone $5

Geode $12

Cinnamon Hand $5

Golden Heart $5

Amys Art to Wear

Amy's Art to Wear

Fall River Soaps

Hand Crafted Soap for your home

Hand thrown ceramic soap dishes by Terry Rustin. Each soap dish is one of a kind. One is pink and one is brown 5.75 inches 10.5 oz.

These pretty and sweet cupcakes are scented with lavender, citrus, and almond essential oils. Choose from four colors. Each cupcake weighs a generous 3.5 oz.

A beautiful and glistening multi color blue and green glycerine soap. Scented with essential lavender oil. Shea butter in each layer of color for superior moisturizing!  6 0z.             

This heart is a golden iridescent beauty scented with sweet citrus. A full 3oz., this bar is great on the sink or in the bath.

Frilly and sweet cupcakes make bath time a real treat! Scented with lavender, mixed floral, and almond essential oil, these soaps come in three colors. Choose a yummy, frilly, treat for yourself or a friend!

Sweet sugar cookies for your bath or shower!  Enriched with almond, vanilla, or almond/cocoa essential oils.  Each luscious bar is long lasting. 3.9 oz

Layers of soft sparkling and creamy glycerine soap. Sandstone bars are bath sized and hand carved. No two are alike. These soaps contain liberal amounts of sparkling mica powder. Erosion of this bar only makes it lovelier. 4oz

Geode soap is a best seller!  Color choices include red, blue, or violet. Color placement may vary. Geode soap is scented with light tea tree essential oil. This soap is hand formed one geode at a time. 

Soft pink or yellow seashell soap with lemon or floral essential oil scent. This soap produces a full and soft lather.  Each shell weighs 3oz

Bright Felted $6

Pastel Felted $6

Frosted Sugar Cookie $4

Doughnut $5

Frilly Cupcake $4

Grey $18

To order any item, email me at: AmysArtToWear@Yahoo.com

Hand thrown ceramic soap dishes by Terry Rustin. These are great for the kitchen.  Soft greys go anywhere. Three available. 5.75 inches 10.5 oz 

Pink n Brown $18

I Accept Credit Card, Check, and Paypal 

Sweet Honey Amber $3

Milk n' Honey Comb $6

Milk n'Honey Bee $3

Oatmeal and coconut oil cold process soap. Scented with cassis cinnamon essential oil. This special formula exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Oatmeal is soothing to sensitive skin types.  Each bar is approximately 4ozs.

Pastel felted soap. Each bar is 2.75oz of soft "soap in a coat." Felted soap is a great travel companion as it dries quickly. Turn and work under very warm water until a creamy lather appears on the felted surface. The felted wool contains lanolin- a natural skin emollient. Bars are lightly scented with various essential oils. 

Bright wool felted soap. Each bar is 2.75oz of soft "soap in a coat." All felted soaps  are hand crafted with high quality wool roving. This is a novelty soap with several purposes. It makes a very nice drawer sachet. The scent will last months. A bowl stacked with felted soaps makes a beautiful, long lasting, and sweet smelling display. Try some felted soap today!

Lovely amber soap with a touch of honey. A Sweet scent and moisturizing properties make this a great translucent soap for the sink or bath.   approx. 3 oz              

Sandstone $6

Golden Sandollar $10

Macaroon $3

Sea Shell  $4

Hand thrown ceramic soap dishes by Terry Rustin. This is a big, beautiful dish! It can hold up to three soaps!  Each soap dish is one of a kind.  6.25 inches 10oz

Lemon $6

Rusty Brown $16

New Arrivall !!!……Hand Thrown Ceramic Soap Dishes

A full bath size bar of milk and honey lusciousness.  This soap is beautiful in the bath or shower. Milk and honey wash and soothe, and the olive oil imparts moisture and smoothness to your skin.   5.75 oz.

Creamy and moisturizing milk, honey, and olive oil in a sweet guest size or gift size bar. This soap has a heavenly honey scent.    3 0z

This soap is a cold process soap.  It is loaded with actual cinnamon and clove spices for gentle exfoliation. A long lasting kitchen soap, it is useful for removing garlic or onion odors from skin. Extra glycerin gives this rustic soap a creamy and moisturizing lather. 3.75 oz